Pensioner, Luan Smit, has been creating leather belts for the past 42 years, subsidizing his income in a creative way.

In a small workshop, with only his sewing machine, he sets about to cut and sew the leather belts. Luan markets his business by handing out business cards to various Restaurants, Sports Bars or to his many biker friends.

Meeting Jan Coetsee, director of Mark It All, has led Luan to branding the belts and personalising each one to his customer’s requirements. Luan can create most leather goods, but the belts are his best seller. His visits to Mark It All has shown him that so much more products can be “branded” or “marked”. Not just leather products but other various items like lighters, USB sticks, clothing, and just about anything a person’s heart desires to be “branded” can be done at Mark It All.

Even though Luan’s orders are not as big as some of our Corporate orders, we value Luan’s business and his entrepreneurial spirit just as much!

Although Luan has no internet connection or any other technology available to him, he “pounds the pavements” to hand out his business cards. By doing so he increases his chances of expanding and growing his business. Luan’s passion for people and helping them, shows up in his work. And if that means a happy-belt-wearing customer, and making a friend or two along the way – then Luan is happy!

And the personal touch of branding by Mark It All, helped make this happen.

If you want to get in touch with Luan,  contact him on 0764510051 | 0822546032